Wine card

White wine

0,75l Muškát Moravský 2015, quality, white, dry
Wine with a distinctive muscat aromatic character and a pleasant variety of bouquet. It has a golden-yellow color. Wine of smell and taste of mature, freshly picked muscat grapes with a hint of flowers. Fragrance and aroma is a specific muscat and very rich.

0,75l Tramín Red 2015, late harvest, white, semi-sweet

The aroma is strong, full and spicy. Dominate pieces of sweet, dried and tropical fruit, honey, spices, or heavy perfume tones. Reminds the scent of roses or violets. Taste is also heavy and strong, full, extra-aromatic, aromatic to spicy, but delicious, leaving a long-lasting taste on the tongue. It goes into a round, honey-spice taste.

0,5l Aurelius 2015, selection of grapes, white, semi-sweet

Beautiful green-yellow color of wine with sparkling edge. The scent of the beginning is surprising by a herbal trail of flowering roses, mature grapes and a delicate trail of mature citrus fruits. The flavor of the wine is dominated by fruity-spicy character with longer flavor.


Sparkling wine

0,75l Hubert De Luxe 9,90€
0,75l  Prosecco 11,90€

Rose wine

0,75 l Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2015, late harvest, dry

Wine of raspberry color. There is a very distinctive aroma of strawberries and raspberries. The taste is borne in intense fruit tones and stands out with freshness. A pleasant companion for fruit, fruit salads or cheese - fruit cakes.


Red wine

0,75l Merlyn (Merlot)  2015, branded, red, dry

The wine is dark ruby ​​like color garnet apple . Typical is a sweet smell of black cherries or a compote, which is matured with the aroma of plums, figs and bottled mature with the aroma of tobacco and coffee.

0,5l Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, berry selection, red, dry
Very captivating, beautiful and extravagant wine, rich in tannin, with an appetizing scent of violets and black currants and a penetrating fruity taste. A great companion to a roast duck.

0,5l Dunaj 2015, selection of grapes, red, dry
The wine is dark red - ruby ​​colored, it passes into purple. Rich aroma with a strong aroma and full fruit aroma. Black currants, cherries, berries, rabbits and prunes dominate. It has a pleasant, hot taste that enriches the tones of chocolate, herbs and berries. Suitable to serve to venison meat and red meat.