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15.00€ 1,5 hour

The Finnish sauna has beneficial effects on our health. It is an excellent prevention of various diseases and it increases the organism resistance. Perspiration helps the body to get rid of all the toxins and the subsequent cooling increases the body´s hardening. Sauna is suitable for those who want to take care of their body. It is also used for regeneration and relaxation both physically and mentally. Sauna bathing is not recommended neither for people with high blood pressure, skin and respiratory diseases, heart problems, nor common cold, flu and all the allergies.

Discover what the ancient cultures had already known a thousand years ago - hot water immersion can be beneficial for the whole body, mind and spirit. In addition to providing a relaxing hydrotherapy, jacuzzi brings many health benefits, especially for people suffering from arthritis, diabetes and lack of sleep. It gives a rest from everyday problems or relieve aching muscles and joints after sports. J acuzzi can help its users to feel better - literally. Jacuzzi is perfect for one, two or four users. Deckchair has jets for your back, neck, shoulders and your feet, so you can relax in a great style. Jacuzzi has four seats.

Relax centrum

Jacuzzi and Sauna 1,5 hour
15 eur/ person
All children under 6 years
Hiring Bathrobe
2 eura/ piece

Towel and sheet are in the price included.
If you would like to make a reservation please don´t hesitate to contack us.

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